1st Jan 2015

You know one of the things I love most about going to the cinema?

The first few hours after you leave the theatre. After the screen goes black, the credits start rolling and all the lights go up, I always seem to remain in that dream-like state that we enter when we watch movies, particularly good movies, for just a little bit longer. I’ll file out of the aisles and walk back to the car, only half paying attention to what’s actually happening, or what anyone around me is talking about, because all the while, my mind stays in the dreamworld, the on-screen world, the world where anything is possible. I let my mind wander and dream about something from the film, or anything at all. Because for an immeasurable amount of time after the screen has cut to black, I start the film up again in my head. Only its different. Because this time, I’m calling the shots.

I get to direct a scene the way I would have made it, have a character do or say something that they didn’t do in the film. I get to become the lead role, catching glimpses of myself in the passenger wing mirror while I make the occasional ‘in character’ face. I get to play the soundtrack in my head again, timing out the action on-screen to the beat of the song. Leaving the cinema with a movie-geek high, I can replay the film in my head, change what I would change, or just re-watch my favourite parts. And I love it.

Extending the escapism that comes when watching a movie. Because a movie doesn’t have to be science-fiction or fantasy to take you to another world. That’s the beauty of it. The power of cinema lies in its ability to transport the viewer from a seat in a theatre to the world on-screen. For an hour, two hours, or three if it’s Lord of the Rings, we stop worrying about our own lives, and focus on somebody else’s, their happiness, their struggles, their character, their story.

I’ve never actually told anyone this. Anyone with me after I see a film probably just thinks I go into a state of crazy. Or maybe they’re still thinking about the film. I’d like to think that other people stay in dreamland for a little longer, too.

But, on another note – Happy New Year!

2015 whoop. The reason I’m starting off by talking about cinemas is because I went to see Exodus: Gods and Kings today for my birthday. I liked it, though I still maintain that the casting was pretty random for the story. It’s Moses and Rameses – why cast Hollywood big names covered in fake tan and eyeliner instead of actors of authentic ethnicity? That being said, they all acted their parts extremely well, and I’m a fan of all the actors, so I’m not hating on Batman/Moses.

I’m gonna scoot now, but I’m glad I remembered to post here today. I said I would try 🙂 new year, new blog.

Oh, and to the waiter I met today who had the same birthday as me, was the same age as me, and made me a balloon hat, if I’d had the balls to ask for your number, I would have.

But thanks anyway for the hat.

I’m 22. Sounds weird.


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